Cannot get RGBW Smart Bulb to show in Google Home

I am using the RGBW Smart Bulb on my Hubitat. I cannot get the bulb to show up in Google Home.

  1. I have paired the bulb to Hubitat
  2. Other bulbs (non-Inovelli) show up in the Google Home app via Hubitat fine
  3. I have ensured the “Google Home” app in Hubitat has the bulb checked
  4. I have re-connected the “Hubitat” service in Google Home multiple times and checked the bulb that’s not showing
  5. Have rebooted Hubitat and phone

The odd thing is, is that when I try reconnecting the Hubitat service in Google Home and check the bulb I want to see, it gets UNCHECKED in the “Google Home” app in Hubitat.

Any suggestions for me?