How to: Setting multiple switch parameters at once via node red

Was gonna put this in home assistant forum, but I know Hubitat has node red as well, maybe others do to??

So my issue was I didnt want to have to keep editing multiple nodes (30+ switches), if I wanted to change parameters of all the switches at the same time.

With help of others, this is what I came up with that works great for me. Pretty much you just have to add all your nodes as a service call (one time thing); then anytime you want to change a parameter on all of them you just open the change node, put in the parameter and the value and then press inject.

Hope this can help someone. (And yes, you could make single service call and write in all the node id’s in that one, but I like to keep my nodes separate so that if for some reason I only wanna change 10 of them, i can just delete the link from the other nodes I dont want to set to the split node.