Red Series Dimmer Switch w/ Wink 2.0

So I just received notification that my x3 Red Series Dimmer switches are being sent out, yeah! I have x3 “normal” switches that are controlling x2 smart can lights each. The plan is to replace each “normal” switch with the new Red Series Dimmer switches and disable the internal relay so I can use the switch to turn my lights on/off without them losing power.

I’m guessing I’m going to need to do this through Wink Robots since the “Generiz Z-Wave switch” gets registered as it’s own device and doesn’t have direct control over another device (would be nice if Wink registered it as a SWITCH that could directly control LIGHTS, but that’s just silly). So I’ll have to setup a Robot for ON and OFF in the form of:

Trigger = Switch #1 Comes ON
Then = Lights #1+2 turn ON

Sound right so far? So if the Red Series Dimmer Switch is not controlling the lights via internal load (internal relay disabled) how do I dim my lights? Also from the looks of it Scene control is not currently compatible with Wink 2.0?

Thanks in advanced for the help